Needle Shaped Solder Paste

Needle Shaped Solder Paste

10CC high synthetic BGA solder tin flux paste + needle + squeeze tube, available for PCB BGA soldering and repairing.

Product Details


The quality of Needle shaped solder paste, excellent wetting, high reliability.  It can effectively prevent the collapse of the printing and preheat,  tack lasting, easy to dry, sticky time for more than 48 hours.  A colorless transparent, does not affect the test, fine-clean and cleaning performance.  It‘s wetting, anti-dry and strong, long shelf life at room temperature .

Product Features

· 10CC high synthetic BGA solder tin flux paste +  needle + squeeze tube, available for PCB BGA soldering and repairing.

· Advanced insulation technology,  a high viscosity no-clean flux, it can be used for PCB, SMD reworking, as well as reballing of computer and phone chips.

· The mixture of high-quality alloyed powder and resinic pasty flux, which avoid the pale yellow residue, so you are easy to clean the board.

· Super compacity:  Soldering paste for cell phone PCB, SMD, PGA and computer etc.
Help to repair the circuit boards and protect the electronic components
Flux Solder Paste - no clean soldering
Syringe solder paste is an ideal assistant for phone motherboard and repairing cell phone surface mount assemblies.
The syringe plunger will provide premium activity levels with maximum wetting and spreading, 10cc syringe is available for all rework soldering and desoldering repairs.

· High quality, perfect performance, easy to weld.
Suitable for mobile phone repair industry, computer digital service industry, high-precision circuit board SMD welding, BGA welding technology and so on.


Adapted to the mobile phone repair industry, computer digital service industries, high-precision circuit board soldering SMT, BGA soldering processes, etc. 

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