When The Air Conditioner Is Turned On And Off It Still Charges Electricity

- May 01, 2019-

Air-conditioning is a "power-hungry household". In order to save electricity, some people keep turning on and off the air conditioner. When it is hot, it will turn on. If it is cool, it will be closed. Is it really power-saving?

1. Unplug the air conditioner after turning it off

After the air conditioner is turned off, as long as the plug is not unplugged, it is still in a small power consumption. Therefore, don't be bothered, you should unplug the power supply after turning off the air conditioner.

2. Sauna open dehumidification

In the sauna day, turn on the dehumidification function of the air conditioner, which is not only cool, but also can save less electricity.

3. The temperature is adjusted to 26 ° C ~ 27 ° C

The suitable temperature for air conditioning is 26 ° C ~ 27 ° C, which is in line with human body temperature, comfortable and power saving. Some people have done experiments. When the temperature setting is increased by 1 °C, the power consumption will be reduced by 7% to 10%.

4. Go out and turn off the air conditioner for a short time.

If you go out for a short time, don't turn off the air conditioner, for example, within 1 hour, this will save more electricity when you turn on the air conditioner. The high voltage of 500~1000 watts generated when the air conditioner starts up will consume more power.

5. When the cooling is closed, the tuyere is facing up

The cold air flow is heavier than the air and easy to sink. Therefore, when the air outlet is upward in cooling and the air outlet is downward in heating, the temperature adjustment efficiency is greatly improved.

6. Pull on the blackout curtains

When using air conditioners, try to avoid direct sunlight in the room and air conditioners, especially in the summer, which can save about 5% of power consumption.

7. Use sleep mode at night

Before going to sleep, the air conditioner is set to sleep state, the operating frequency and wind speed of the air conditioner will be significantly reduced, and the operation will be quiet, comfortable and energy-saving.