Rotary Piston Compressor Features

- May 06, 2019-

The working principle of a rotary piston compressor, also known as a rolling rotor compressor, consists of three parts: a housing, a motor assembly and a compressor assembly. Currently, most air conditioners use this type of compressor.

Rotary piston compressor working principle

The motor of the rotary compressor does not need to convert the rotary motion of the rotor into the reciprocating motion of the piston, but directly drives the rotary piston to perform a rotary motion to complete the compression of the refrigerant vapor.

Rotary piston compressor features

1 Rotor compressor runs smoothly, with low vibration and low noise. It is suitable for variable frequency speed control technology and is an energy-saving compressor.

2 high efficiency and good reliability. Since the clearance volume of the rotary piston compressor is small, the expansion loss of the residual gas is greatly reduced. Suction, exhaust and compression are carried out simultaneously, and the inhalation and exhaust time are long.

3 small size, light weight, low energy consumption (compared to reciprocating piston compressor)

4 The main parts of the rotary piston compressor have high machining precision, the starting torque of the matching motor is large, and the motor insulation level is high.