Just Three Steps To Teach You How To Easily Clean Your Car's Air Conditioner

- May 20, 2019-

After the winter smoke filtering air conditioner, the car will eat a lot of bitterness like the passengers inside the car. A large amount of dust and stains accumulate in the air inlet and the evaporation box. If the owner does not clean up in time, it may produce a small smell in the car. Wait a minute, then today we started cleaning the air conditioner.

Under normal circumstances, automotive air conditioning cleaning mainly includes: air filter, air conditioning pipe and evaporator, air filter and air conditioning pipe cleaning is relatively simple, the owner can operate by himself, the evaporator cleaning involves the entire disassembly of air conditioning, so the most Fortunately, find a master in the car repair shop.

One, replace air conditioning filter

Under normal circumstances, the original air conditioner filter has a service life of one year or 30,000 kilometers, so the interval is often not too long.

Clean air conditioning filter: Find the location of the air conditioning filter. Due to the different positions of the filters, some car air filters are placed under the front windshield of the car, and some car air filters are placed in the front passenger's glove box. The owner can check the car manual or consult the clerk.

Most models have different disassembly methods, but the general steps are the same and not difficult.

Because the air filter is very cheap, if you use it for a while, throw it away!

If the air filter is not dirty, the owner can use a blower to blow the air conditioning filter from the inside out. At the same time, an arrow must be installed during installation, otherwise dust will be blown into the car.

Two, cleaning pipes

Cleaning of air-conditioning pipes requires the purchase of air-conditioning cleaners, which can be purchased online. The price is generally around 30-40 yuan.

Shake the air conditioner cleaner before the official cleaning, and put the hose into the package, and adjust the air conditioner to the outside to maximize the air volume, but do not turn on the air conditioner compressor (turn off the air conditioner) button).

Align the cleaned detergent nozzle with the air conditioner filter. Internal suction will draw in detergent to clean the air conditioning duct. It is important to note that the hose of the cleaner should not be too close to the blower to prevent it from being drawn in.

After spraying the cleaner, the owner can run the air conditioning system for 10 minutes in external circulation mode. This will be performed by the vehicle. Otherwise, the battery is not fully charged and the battery is exhausted. After the cleaner cleans the evaporator and air duct, the surface becomes blistered. The liquid flows out of the vehicle along the drain.

Three, cleaning evaporation cans

Cleaning the air conditioner evaporator requires disassembly of the air conditioning tube and evaporator. These steps are cumbersome and require specialized tools. It is recommended that professional repair shops clean them.

The above is the dismantling of the evaporating tank after using the car air conditioner for a period of time, usually there will be a lot of dust and dirt, basically cleaned up in the summer. The weather is now right. Usually, establish the habit of regularly cleaning air conditioners. If the air conditioner is found to have a sour taste of 120-17, it is recommended to clean the air conditioner filter and piping immediately. If the effect is not obvious, consider cleaning the evaporator.