Home Central Air Conditioning Has The Following Classification Methods

- May 14, 2019-

Home central air conditioning has the following classification methods

(1) According to the cooling method, it can be divided into water cooling and air cooling. The water-cooled type uses water as a cooling medium, such as a water-cooled heat pump unit. Air-cooled air (forced air) is used as a cooling medium, such as an air-cooled heat pump unit.

(2) According to the function classification, it can be divided into cold (hot) water unit, direct cooler and air duct unit. The cold (hot) water unit can deliver cold or hot water to an indoor terminal device (such as a fan coil); the direct cooler completes cooling or heating, such as drag and drop, by evaporation or condensation of the refrigerant in the evaporator or condenser. Machines, etc.; duct units can blow cold or fresh air into different rooms through the air duct.

(3) According to the type of equipment, it can be divided into multi-machine split type hurricane-cooled heat pump type VRV variable frequency control type water source heat pump type 鲲 ground source heat pump type  water-cooled heat pump type and absorption type.

1. Multi-machine split type, also known as one-to-many type, such as one-to-two type, one-to-three type, etc., suitable for one room, one hall, one room and two halls.

2, air-cooled heat pump type, also known as household or duplex air conditioning, outdoor unit is the host, installed in concealed place can be hung, can also be placed on the roof, indoor units and other forms of walls - install the ceiling type Ceiling type, cabinet, etc. This type of air conditioner is suitable for general rooms, villas, apartments and supermarkets.

3. The @RV frequency control system (hereinafter referred to as VRV system), also known as the multi-zone assembly central air conditioning system, was originally created by Daikin Corporation of Japan. The system can carry 8 indoor units or more in one outdoor unit. The outdoor unit can be placed on the roof, and the wiring length between the indoor units can reach 100 meters, even if the building is a 15-story building. The VRV system uses a variety of control methods to control up to 256 indoor units in a single control system. In addition to the general form of central air conditioning for VRV systems, there are H heat recovery series K heat recovery series and inverter K series.