Frequent Failures Of Automotive Air Conditioning Compressors

- May 09, 2019-

As a high-speed rotating working part, the air-conditioner compressor has a higher probability of failure. Common faults have abnormal noise, leaks, and no work.

1 Compressor electromagnetic clutch is a common part of abnormal noise. Compressors often operate from low speed to high speed under high load, so the requirements for electromagnetic clutch are very high, and the installation position of the electromagnetic clutch is generally close to the ground, often exposed to rain and mud, when the bearing in the electromagnetic clutch is damaged. An abnormal noise will occur.

2 In addition to the problem of the electromagnetic clutch itself, the tightness of the compressor drive belt also directly affects the life of the electromagnetic clutch. If the transmission tape is too loose, the electromagnetic clutch is prone to slippage; the transmission tape is too tight and the load on the electromagnetic clutch will increase. If the transmission tape is not tight, the compressor will not work, and the compressor will be damaged. When the drive belt is working, if the compressor pulley and the generator pulley are not in the same plane, the life of the drive belt or compressor will be reduced.

3 Repeated suction of the electromagnetic clutch will also cause abnormal noise in the compressor. For example, the generator does not generate enough power, the air conditioning system pressure is too high, or the engine load is too large, which will cause repeated clutching of the electromagnetic clutch.

4 There should be a certain gap between the electromagnetic clutch and the mounting surface of the compressor. If the clearance is too large, the impact will increase. If the clearance is too small, the electromagnetic clutch will work with the compressor mounting surface. This is also a common cause of abnormal noise.