For Automotive Refrigeration Systems

- May 03, 2019-

When the compressor of the air conditioning system is operating, the intake valve draws in refrigerant, and is compressed and discharged from the exhaust valve. Compressors used in automotive refrigeration systems can be divided into two types: reciprocating piston type and rotary type according to the form of motion. The compressor of the automobile refrigeration system can be divided into fixed displacement type and variable displacement according to whether the working capacity changes during operation. formula. The variable displacement compressor can automatically change the displacement according to the cooling load of the air conditioning system, making the operation of the air conditioning system more economical. Widely used are various swash plate type and wobble plate type compressors. In recent years, most of the medium and small-sized cars use swash plate type and rotary type compressors, and crankshaft link type compressors are rarely used. However, the large passenger cars still mainly use crankshaft link type compressors.

The structure of the crankshaft link compressor is similar to that of the engine. It generally adopts a two-cylinder structure, the crankshaft rotates, and the connecting rod drives the piston to reciprocate, suck and compress the gas. The upper cylinder of the piston is provided with an intake and exhaust valve assembly, and a shaft seal for preventing refrigerant leakage is installed between the crankshaft and the casing. In order to ensure the normal movement of the components, the crankcase is filled with a specified amount of compressor lubricating oil and oil supply facilities. The swash plate type compressor is also called a swash plate type compressor, and is an axial reciprocating piston type compressor. It is currently the most widely used type of automotive air conditioning compressor.