Air Source Heat Pump Floor Heating + Central Air Conditioning A Q&a All Know

- Jul 08, 2019-

In recent years, with the increase of natural gas price and the implementation of projects such as coal power conversion, the owners pay more and more attention to the energy consumption of floor heating, and the two joint power supply with significant energy saving effect takes advantage of the trend, especially the rapid development of air source heat pump.

The air source heat pump applies heat pump technology. In the heating state in winter, the heat pump can produce hot water no more than 55 degrees, and circulate in the heating pipe as a heat medium. The heating effect can be achieved by heating the ground through ground radiation and convective heat transfer.

In the state of cooling in summer, the heat pump is converted into an air conditioning mode to produce cooling water with a suitable temperature. The cooling water is exchanged in the fan coil through the circulation system to blow out the cool air and achieve the cooling effect.


An air-energy heat pump is a carrier of natural energy. It transfers energy by taking the energy in the air as the main power and driving the compressor with a small amount of electric energy.


It can be confirmed that the air source heat pump with air conditioning + floor heating is currently the most stable application in the home energy saving hvac program.

Winter heating a specific month with how much money, affected by a lot of factors, such as building insulation, whether the top floor, personal use habits and so on, and thus can not give accurate data.

Can only give a rough reference, under normal circumstances, 100 square meters of house, the temperature set at 20 degrees, a month estimated electricity costs in 400-500 this is not very accurate, but the gap is not too big.

In fact, there are many online introduction, but many owners just can see this system when decorate, at the same time the system call is also much more special, air can heat pump and floor heating, air cooled heat pump air conditioning machine, air can be hot and cold water machine, in fact is one thing, work principle is the same, only in different application field, is not the same name in different historical stages.

Air source heat pump central air conditioning plus floor heating is not a new technology, but the traditional water system central air conditioning, with floor heating. Water system central air conditioning has been used for more than 100 years, and the technology is still mature.


Central air conditioning is divided into water system air conditioning and fluorine system central air conditioning, which work in the same principle. In the United States, water system central air conditioning is basically the pursuit of comfort and enjoyment, while in Japan, fluorine system central air conditioning is basically the pursuit of refinement and cost.

Fluorine system central air conditioning has the biggest advantage of low cost, convenient installation and low requirement for construction and design. The cooling and heating of water systems are more comfortable and energy efficient


All the hotels above five star in the world you know, as well as hospitals and large buildings, all have water system central air conditioning, including now high-end villas, water system central air conditioning is also the best choice.


It's all air conditioning. Why is the water system air conditioning comfortable?

The water temperature of the water cooler is comfortable because the water temperature can be controlled. The specific heat capacity of the water is the largest. When the fluorine system is open, the temperature difference is large, and the indoor relative humidity drops quickly, which makes people feel uncomfortable. A lot of people air conditioning opened blow long can appear throat is dry urticant, make rhinitis wait for a symptom.


Water system central air conditioning can make heat, why use floor heating?

The installation position of the central air conditioner is relatively high, and cooling is more suitable in summer, because the air conditioner is sinking. And use central air conditioning to make heat in winter, can feel the top of the head is dry and hot, cold feet.

Floor heating can solve above problem, when using floor heating, room temperature is a curve, if floor heating temperature 28 degrees, the room temperature of the position of 1.5 meters or so height is 22 degrees, roof temperature may only have 15 degrees, this accords with Chinese medicine "sufficient heat top cool" principle of keeping in good health.


The central air conditioner in the water system, I'm afraid it will leak for a long time, and I have to tear down the ceiling to repair the problems, is that right?


Can the water inside air conditioning scale? Is it maintained every year? Is it too much trouble?

Water does not begin to scale until it reaches 55 degrees, and fast scaling begins at 75 degrees. And summer leaves air conditioning air conditioning and water pipe inside is 10 degrees or so, open floor heating in winter, water temperature also only 40 degrees, the scale in air conditioning can be ignored basically.

In addition, the water inside the machine and pipeline is closed and completely isolated from the outside water. In order to prevent accidents, filters are usually added to filter impurities.

Because this household water conditioning system does not need to maintain basically.

Floor heating and air conditioning are a set of systems, including visible equipment, invisible design, unlike buying an electric fan, plug it in and use it.

The exact price can only be quoted after communication, design and calculation according to the site situation and the specific needs of customers. Moreover, the same system can be designed with different choices, different brands and configurations, and the price gap of the system is also large.

Suggest to find a few companies with strength to compare, rational choice, avoid being pit.