Air Conditioning Model Meaning And Room Adaptation Area Comparison

- Jul 04, 2019-

We take the Gree KFR - 26 gw/FNDe - 3 (26556) as an example, among them:

 K: room air conditioner; 

F: structure code (F- split; C - window; Y-mobile);

R: function code (r-heat pump type; D- electric type; BD- heat pump auxiliary electrothermal type); 

26: rated cooling capacity of 2600(Btu/hr); 

G: wall type (D ceiling type, G wall type, L floor type, T shaft type, Q embedded); 

W: outdoor.

Behind the code: 

26556, the factory produces serial number (internal material identification code); 

F: the compressor type is dc frequency conversion;

N: environmental refrigerant R410a; 

De: version update code, D represents the fourth design improvement; 

3: short for N3, energy efficiency grade 3.0 or higher.

Here says can effect ratio, can effect ratio is the ratio of rated refrigerating capacity and rated power, bigger better, namely the product saves report more. Frequency conversion home air conditioning energy efficiency is divided into three levels, one is the best and most energy-saving air conditioning products. The number in the air conditioner model, such as KFR26, which is 26×100, is its cooling power (W); Refrigeration power ÷ energy efficiency ratio = electrical power (W).

The meaning of air conditioning matches the area

The number of the air conditioner refers to the input power, including press, fan motor and electric control part. Due to the differences in the specific system and electronic control design of different brands, the output cooling capacity is also different, so the cooling capacity is calculated by the output power.


Generally speaking, the cooling capacity of a horse is about 2000 kcal, which should be multiplied by 1.162 in international unit conversion, so the cooling capacity of a horse is 2000×1.162=2324W, where W (watt) is the cooling capacity. And so on, can roughly judge the number of units and cooling capacity.

The national standard stipulates that the size of the room air conditioner is marked by the cooling capacity parameter. For example, an air conditioner model KFR-26GW means that the air conditioner has a cooling capacity of 2600W. However, many people do not call it now, but how many "pounds" are called "pounds". Not strictly prohibited.

"Pic" is a power unit, 1 (horsepower) = 735W (Watt), the past name in Japan, the input power is 735W air conditioner called 1 air conditioner, the air conditioner with input power of 1470W is called 2 air conditioners. However, because the input power of the air conditioner is not necessarily exactly the whole one, for example, 1400W or 1600W are said to be 2 small and 2 large; between 1 and 2, 1.5 and so on.

It can be seen that this kind of name is actually very unscientific. First, the reflected data is not accurate, just an approximate value. Second, the input power does not accurately reflect the actual cooling capacity of the air conditioner.

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