Air Conditioning Dust Solution

- May 16, 2019-

In the hot summer, many of us are inseparable from the air conditioning environment. After all, air-conditioned places make people feel cool and comfortable. Today, air conditioners have entered thousands of homes and use has become very common. After some air conditioners are used for a long time, there may be cases where the wind becomes small and the dust is full. what is the reason? Many people are wrong because this prompt is incorrect. Remind us that we need to clean the filter. Tell us about the cleaning of the air conditioning grey layer.

Air conditioner shows the cause of dust

The appearance of "dusty" is mainly to remind users to clean the filter. Many people do not pay attention to cleaning the filter, and do not even know the consequences of not cleaning the filter for a long time: First, it may affect the operation and cooling effect of the air conditioner, resulting in a decrease in air volume and poor cooling effect, which may affect the air conditioner. The service life, secondly, the air inhaled during air conditioning work contains certain dust, mites, viruses and other harmful substances. Some of them stick to the filter. If the filter is not cleaned for a long time, the bacteria and fungi will breed in the air conditioner. It can produce unpleasant odors and even odors that pollute the indoor air conditioning environment and affect the health of the family.

Dust cleaning step

1. When the dust reaches a certain cumulative level, the air conditioner will have a complete indicator light. At this point, you need to clean the air conditioner, or you can clean it according to your own use. Unplug the air conditioner before cleaning. This safety knowledge must be available when repairing various appliances.

2. Hanging air conditioners can be seen on both sides of the gap. This gap can be opened. Gently open both ends and do it by hand. Then you can gently open the air conditioner cover and you will find two filters. Dust is deposited on these two filters. Gently remove it, paying attention to the face of the bayonet facing down (note the installation direction when installing). After removing, wash the filter with soapy water, then wipe the water dry or dry with a cloth.

3. Install the filter and pay attention to the installation direction. After everything is restored to its original state, connect the power. At this point, the air conditioner will turn on and the wind will increase. The dusty little tips disappeared.