Air Conditioning Compressor Industry Development

- May 13, 2019-

In the past two years, after major companies have adopted high-efficiency fixed-speed models, starting from 2011, increasing the supply of inverter products has become a common strategy for almost all air-conditioning compressor companies. All major companies have increased the proportion of inverter compressors. The proportion of GMCC's output of variable frequency compressors has increased from 30% in the previous year to 37%. The proportion of Mitsubishi Electric is as high as 40%. Panasonic Wanbao has increased the proportion of inverter products by 10 percentage points per year, and the proportion in the 2012 cold year has increased to 60%.

The person in charge of Shanghai Hitachi also said that Shanghai Hitachi actually introduced the inverter technology from 1991 to ferrite. The two sets of rare earth and ferrite products are all available. They can be switched at any time according to customer needs. Customers are in high energy efficiency and high heat production products. It is generally recommended to use rare earth technology and use ferrite technology on general energy efficient products.

Panasonic Wanbao said that Panasonic Wanbao's ferrite technology is mature, accounting for about 70% of total production. When the price of rare earth is high, Matsushita Wanbao mainly uses ferrite products to correspond to the market. Ferrite compressors mainly deal with energy efficiency class 1 and 2, and energy efficiency class 1 mainly uses rare earths.

The material corresponds. “If the price difference between rare earth and ferrite continues to expand, we will focus on ferrite materials and continue to develop more efficient ferrite products to meet the energy-efficient market requirements.”

Companies that use ferrite inverter compressors are Ruizhi and Chunlan. Chunlan said that rare earth as an important strategic resource, the price will remain high, ferrite replacement of rare earth is an inevitable trend, after technical research and technical reform, the performance of Chunlan ferrite inverter compressor has been equivalent to the performance of rare earth compressor . However, a ferrite-based air-conditioning compressor company said that after testing, the ferrite inverter compressor can achieve energy efficiency level 1 on models below 1.5P, but energy efficiency level 1 at 2HP or higher. Then it is "more difficult."

China Resources Sanyo, Mitsubishi Electric and LG still adhere to the variable frequency technology driven by rare earth motors. The three companies agreed that after the revision of the energy efficiency standards for inverter air conditioners in the future, ferrite motors will not be able to meet the demand for energy-efficient products.

In recent years, the development of the air-conditioning compressor industry has been almost in trouble. Under the harsh environment, air-conditioning compressor enterprises continue to move toward the upgrading of product structure, strive to increase the supply of inverter products, improve the efficiency of frequency conversion products, and make air conditioners. The frequency conversion market can be improved.