Air Conditioner Compressors Are The Most Widely Used Models In Automotive Air Conditioners

- May 04, 2019-

The common air-conditioning systems of cars in China, such as Audi, Jetta and Beverly, use swash plate compressors. The piston is at the extreme end position of the exhaust and the other end of the piston is at the end of the suction. When the main shaft drives the swash plate to rotate, the swash plate drives the piston to move axially, and the piston simultaneously performs axial movement in the front and rear cylinders, which is equal to the two pistons performing two-way movement. The swash plate rotates one turn, and each of the two cylinders completes one cycle, which is equivalent to two cylinders working.

The wobble plate type compressor is also called a pendulum plate type (also known as a one-way swash plate type) compressor, and is an axial piston type compressor, a reciprocating one-way piston structure. It is of the same type as the swash plate type and is the most widely used model in automotive air conditioners. The variable displacement air conditioner compressor adopts the constant meshing transmission mode, and the transmission pulley is provided with rubber parts. The rubber parts not only play the role of transmission and vibration reduction, but also when the air conditioner compressor is overloaded or locked, the rubber parts are Cut off to avoid serious mechanical failure.