With regard to the corona pneumonia, there are a few things that workers must know!

- May 04, 2020-

Key protection area

Tips for elevator rooms

Features: closed space, no air circulation, high risk of infection

1. Try to avoid taking a box elevator, it is recommended to take the stairs

2. Be sure to wear a mask when taking the elevator

3. Keep a certain distance from others when riding

4. Try to avoid touching any part of the elevator

5. Wash your hands in time after touching the elevator button (seven steps of hand washing included)

6. Units with conditions must frequently disinfect the elevator room (especially the button area and handrails)

Canteen / restaurant tips

Features: high traffic volume and relatively high density

1. Take off the mask at the last moment of sitting down to eat

2. Avoid eating face to face and avoid talking

3. Use separate meals to avoid crowding

4. Wash hands at the entrance of the restaurant, wash hands before and after meals

office tips

Features: Relatively tight and small, with a large number of people and a high risk of infection.

1. Wear a mask and keep a moderate distance for conversation (more than 1m)

2. Maintain good ventilation at all times to ensure indoor air circulation

3. Frequently carry out necessary disinfection on door handles, mouse keyboards, desktops, stationery

4. Reduce unnecessary conference activities, try to change to telephone video conference