Will the new coronavirus be passed on through articles?

- May 14, 2020-

The new coronavirus can also be transmitted to people through objects, because the new coronavirus is also transmitted through direct contact in addition to the droplets. If there is a new coronavirus on some objects, it will not be timely after contact. Washing hands is very likely to spread from person to person, so washing hands frequently is particularly important.

Next, you must use running water to wash your hands after going home, and you must use soap, or alcohol-based hand soap to wash your hands.

Some items that are in frequent contact need to be disinfected. For example, some alcohol can be used for local wiping at this time, but when using alcohol, it must be away from the fire or mobile phone, otherwise some fires may easily occur. The above methods are for reference only, specific examination and treatment measures should go to the hospital to consult a professional doctor.