What symptoms will occur when the air conditioning compressor is broken

- Apr 24, 2020-

If the air conditioner compressor fails, it may cause the compressor to operate abnormally. For example, if the compressor power is reduced, the use effect of the air conditioner will be deteriorated. There will be some abnormal vibration and noise when the compressor fails, although sometimes it does not have a great impact on the use of the air conditioner, but after a long time, the compressor will inevitably cause internal damage due to vibration.

There are some slight short-circuits in the compressor. Although the compressor can continue to work, it will make the surface temperature of the compressor higher and the working current will increase. At this time, it will cause a protective shutdown of the air-conditioning compressor. The air conditioner stops and starts frequently, which affects the use effect.

If the compressor has suction and exhaust valves closed tightly, even if the air conditioner does not lack Freon air conditioner, it will cause high and low pressure abnormalities, resulting in the air conditioner not cooling or poor cooling effect.

In addition, like a serious compressor short circuit or stuck cylinder, it will cause the compressor to not start directly. This is also a serious damage to the compressor. In many cases, the motor or compressor needs to be replaced.

Therefore, if the air conditioner is in use, the compressor stops frequently or the noise and vibration increase, the compressor does not start, etc., that is, the compressor is damaged. At this time, you need to find the cause of the compressor damage and then perform related air conditioning maintenance.