What is the cause of leakage of air conditioners

- Oct 11, 2019-

1. The common cause of water leakage from air conditioners is that the drain pipe is from the inner machine. When the heat is blown, the inner machine is blowing hot air, so there is no condensed water. For example, the water dripping from the bottom of the outer machine is normal. Because the external machine blows cold air when heating, the old defrosting function of the machine is reduced, the external radiator will frost or even freeze. After the machine is turned on for a long time, the frost will be turned off and the water will drip.

2, the air conditioner outside the machine leaking other conditions, the installation of the body is improper: the indoor unit is tilted, the direction of the pipeline mouth is too high; the drain pipe is poor: the drainage pipe is loose or curved into a wave shape, resulting in poor drainage; dew condensation on the pipe: due to The insulation material on the pipeline is too poor or too thin, causing condensation when the refrigerant in the tube passes.

3, air conditioning outside the machine leakage solution: to make a water tray slightly larger than the outer casing, installed under the outer machine, even a water pipe to the lower channel. Re-adjust the angle of the drain, such as shortening the length of the drain; rearranging the drain; replacing the drain; reconnecting the drain fitting, etc.https://www.ck-stone.com/