What are the reasons why Gree air conditioning compressor does not start

- Apr 15, 2020-

The reason and solution of the compressor of the air conditioner outside machine does not work 1. The remote control mode is not correct Solution: Check if the setting of the remote control is the cooling mode. Use the air conditioner's remote control to adjust the mode to display "cooling" or "snowflake" and set the temperature to 26 degrees or below. 2. Power supply problem Solution: Pay attention to observe whether the outdoor unit has working sound including the outdoor unit fan and compressor. If the outdoor unit fan is running, the control circuit is basically normal. At this time, you should observe whether the compressor is started. If the compressor is not started, you should check whether the power supply is normal. 3. Solutions for long-term non-maintenance: long-term non-maintenance of the air conditioner will prevent the outdoor unit of the air conditioner from turning. Specific reasons for the non-rotation of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner are analyzed. In the structure, the locking part of the screw and the wind wheel may be loose. The fitting position of the flat position and the matching part of the wind wheel is improper; due to the problem of injection molding process guarantee, the plastic part has a squeaking sound, the mechanism belongs to the plastic part, and the transmission performance of the wind guide bar, stepper motor and connecting rod mechanism structure is affected , Will also cause the indoor unit not to operate. 4. The solution of system protection caused by excessively high ambient temperature: too high ambient temperature, direct sunlight without shading objects, poor outdoor unit ventilation, a net cover or wall in the room, the air conditioner heat cannot be blown out when it is too high, The compressor automatically starts protection and stops working to avoid damage to the compressor. 5. Solution to the fault of AC contactor: power on the AC contactor and measure the line end of the AC contactor with a multimeter to see if there is a voltage of 380V. If not, it indicates that the AC contactor is damaged and needs to be replaced with a new AC contact Device.