What are the reasons for the ec fan motor not turning, how to repair and deal with it

- Oct 18, 2019-

The ec fan motor does not turn. Cause: 1. The motor bearing bush is short of oil, which makes it difficult to start and does not run. 2. The motor starts to decrease the capacity of the capacitor and causes the motor to not start. 3. The gear switch is damaged and the motor does not start. 4. Timing Damage to the motor causes the motor to not operate; 5. The motor coil burns out and cannot be operated. The solution corresponding to the above situation: 1. When the motor bearing bush is short of oil, the motor is disassembled, the rotor is removed and the oil is applied to the bearing bushes on both sides, and then the motor is rotated back as needed to hold the motor shaft and rotate freely; 2. The capacity of the starting capacitor of the electric fan can be directly reduced according to the original model. This capacitor can be connected without any positive and negative poles. 3. When the electric fan gear position switch is damaged and the circuit is in an open state, it cannot be replaced, and the gear switch of the same specification is replaced. Ensure that the internal contacts are in good contact; 4. When the timer is damaged, replace the same type of timer with the model marked above; 5. The motor coil is burned and replaced according to the original power. Note: Power must be removed before repairing replacement components to ensure safe operation