What are the reasons for belt drive air conditioning fan blower motor vibration?

- Dec 23, 2019-

The motor vibration of the belt-driven air-conditioning fan is caused by unbalanced rotating parts, mechanical failure or electromagnetic reasons. First, the imbalance of rotating parts is mainly caused by the imbalance of the rotor, the coupling, the coupling, and the transmission wheel (brake wheel). The treatment is to find a better balance first. If there are large drive wheels, brake wheels, couplers and couplings, they should be balanced separately from the rotor. Another reason is the mechanical looseness of the rotating parts. For example, loose core support, failure and looseness of tilt keys and pins, and loose rotor bonding can cause unbalanced rotating parts.

Second, the failure of the mechanical part mainly has the following points: 1. The shaft system of the connecting rod components is not aligned, the center lines are not coincident, and the alignment is incorrect. This failure is mainly caused by improper alignment and installation during installation. There is also a case where the center lines of some link components overlap in a cold state, but after a period of operation, the center line is damaged due to the deformation of the rotor fulcrum and the foundation, causing vibration.

2. There are problems with the gears and couplings connected to the motor. Such failures are mainly manifested by poor gear meshing, severe wear of gear teeth, poor wheel lubrication, skew and misalignment of the coupling, incorrect gear tooth shape and pitch, excessive clearance or severe wear, all of which will cause certain Vibration.

3. Defects in the structure of the motor and problems in installation. Such failures are mainly manifested by elliptical journals, curved shafts, too large or too small gaps between the shaft and the bearing pads, insufficient rigidity of the bearing seat, foundation plate, some foundations, or even the entire motor installation foundation, unstable motor and foundation plate fixing, and anchor bolts Looseness, looseness of bearing block and foundation plate, etc. However, too large or too small a gap between the shaft and the bearing pad will not only cause vibration, but also cause abnormal lubrication and temperature of the bearing pad.

4. The load dragged by the motor conducts vibration. For example, steam turbine vibration of a turbine generator, fan, and water pump is driven by a motor to cause the motor to vibrate.

Third, the failure of the electrical part is mainly caused by electromagnetic reasons, including: incorrect wiring of the stator of the AC motor, short circuit of the winding of the asynchronous motor rotor, short circuit of the synchronous motor excitation winding, incorrect connection of the excitation coil of the synchronous motor, and asynchronous motor of the cage type Broken rotor bars and deformation of the rotor core cause uneven air gaps between the stator and the rotor, resulting in imbalanced air gap magnetic flux and vibration.