What are the nine maintenance instructions for axial fans?

- Apr 03, 2020-

The first thing to be done is to press the axial flow fan to keep the air passage smooth in operation. When the air volume is very small, the power of the axial flow fan will be overloaded. Pay attention not to use it for a long time in the sealed environment or when the valve is fully closed. The current should be monitored regularly in the best case.

Second, before the axial-flow fan is used, the fan must be tested. This process is to ensure that the fan has no fault operation, so that the effectiveness of the fan can be guaranteed to the greatest extent.

Third, if the fan has not been used for a long time and is used again, it is necessary to check whether all parts of the fan are still firm. Once any looseness is found, it must be tightened in time, so that when the fan is in trial operation, the fan can not be used normally due to the looseness of the fan components.

Fourth, before starting the fan, it is necessary to check the fan and the objects in the pipeline that hinder the rotation, if any, they should be removed before starting.

The fifth point is very simple. The fan should be put into use carefully after debugging without any problems, and every reflection of the fan should be regularly observed. Once any abnormality is found, the fan should be shut down for inspection immediately.

Sixth, the fan components should be checked regularly to ensure that the fan can be started at any time and normal operation.

The seventh fan should not be used too frequently to start and stop the fan, otherwise it will easily cause the motor to burn out.

Eighth, in order to avoid the damage of the fan caused by the vibration aggravation caused by the damage of the dynamic balance of the fan blade, the fan blade must be inspected regularly every month. If dust and oil dirt are found on the surface of the fan blade, it must be cleaned before use. This is very important.

Ninth, if abnormal noise or vibration is found during operation. In this way, the maintenance work of axial flow fan can be ensured to be effective, and the service life of fan can be extended to a certain extent.https://www.ck-stone.com/