Ways to prevent corona virus

- May 03, 2020-

The transmission route of the new type of coronary pneumonia is mainly through droplet transmission and close contact transmission, so the first preventive method is to go out as little as possible to avoid contact with diagnosed patients, suspected patients, and asymptomatic patients. If you need to go out, you need to wear a mask. It is best to choose a medical surgical mask or a disposable medical mask. It can effectively prevent the virus from invading. If medical masks are in short supply, disposable mask or KN95 masks can also be worn to effectively prevent the spread of droplets. Ventilation and ventilation should be done at home, and hands should be washed frequently. When going out home, hands should be washed frequently and disinfected. At home, you can use 84 disinfectant or 75% alcohol to sterilize and disinfect. When you come back from the outside, you should remove the mask to avoid touching the outside of the mask.