Water leakage solution for air conditioner outdoor motor

- Dec 16, 2019-

Water leakage from the air conditioner outdoor motor is actually normal and does not require maintenance. When buying air conditioners, a plastic drain port is usually included with the unit and installed on the bottom plate of the outdoor unit. Then a pipe is connected to the drain port to connect the water to the bucket.

Air conditioning routine maintenance


Although there is no need to worry about the water leakage of the air conditioner outdoor motor, it is still necessary to do the maintenance of the air conditioner to extend the life of the air conditioner. Normally, household air conditioners will be shut down and disabled until September, and will not be turned on after July of the following year. In addition to the need to find professional air conditioning cleaning staff during this time, users also need to perform irregular cleaning and maintenance themselves.

You can use a soft, dry cloth to clean the dirt on the shell of the air conditioner. You can also wipe it with warm water, but you cannot use hot water or flammable oil and other chemicals. The outdoor cooler can be cleaned with a long brush to remove dust. It can also be rinsed with water. After covering the hood, do not allow water to penetrate into other parts.

As an indispensable temperature regulating device, air conditioners are being updated very quickly. With the improvement of modern people's requirements for living comfort, central air-conditioning has also entered the field of vision of consumers. Compared with traditional cabinet and hanging air conditioners, central air conditioners are not only more comfortable, healthier and cleaner, but also have the advantages of concealed installation, exquisite appearance, convenient installation and maintenance.