Use of centrifugal fan emergency stop

- Mar 06, 2020-

1. When the oil pressure of centrifugal fan is lower than the alarm value and cannot return to normal.

2. Gradually close the throttle valve to 20-25 °.

3. Gradually open its vent valve (or outlet bypass valve), and gradually close the centrifugal fan vent valve.

4. The centrifugal fan suddenly vibrated strongly and exceeded the trip value.

5. There is collision or abnormal friction sound inside the centrifugal fan.

6. Smoke appears at any bearing or seal, or the temperature of a bearing rises sharply to the alarm value.

7. The liquid level of the oil tank is low, and there is suction phenomenon.

8. The value of axial displacement increases continuously and reaches the alarm value.

9. Stop the oil supply after 5-10min, or when the bearing temperature drops below 45 ℃. For the equipment with floating ring seal, the sealing oil pump shall continue to supply oil until the temperature of the body is lower than 80 ℃.