Treatment of vibration fault of axial flow fan

- Mar 11, 2020-

When dealing with the abnormal vibration of large capacity axial-flow fan, in addition to the conventional failure frequency analysis, the characteristics of vibration change should also be analyzed.

For example, the change of vibration with time, load, opening, ambient temperature, etc., the vibration of lifting speed, fixed speed and load, the difference vibration of connecting parts on site and the vibration test of elastic bolt. When the vibration law of the second dynamic balance is quite different, the balance weight added in the earlier stage should be removed, and the coincidence of the vibration after the second start-up should be tested to find out the reason of the vibration change. There are many reasons for the failure of the hydraulic control structure of the axial flow fan with adjustable moving blades. When the axial-flow fan has obvious blade passing through frequency or power frequency harmonics, it is necessary to check the looseness, wear and other defects of the hydraulic regulating structure.