The structure and basic principle of the blower motor with fan

- Oct 09, 2019-

1, including: motor, steam muffler, Roots blower, exhaust muffler, shock absorber, ductile connector, pressure relief valve seat, pressure relief valve, shock pressure gauge, throttle valve, take over.

2. Basic principle: The motor pushes the drive shaft according to the V-belt. The drive shaft rotates the two-three-blade centrifugal impeller in the cardiomyocytes in the opposite direction according to the efficiency of the synchronous gear in the reduction gearbox. Two three-blade centrifugal impellers are arranged on the two parallel-lined shafts. The inner surface of the wheel and the square chassis and the centrifugal impellers maintain a smiling gap. When the two centrifugal impellers rotate, the casing and the The sufficient amount of vapor surrounded by the centrifugal impeller is pushed by the air intake chamber to the exhaust lumen and discharged to the cardiomyocytes. The motor rotor continuously runs a large number of vapors to be sent to the air outlet, which exceeds the efficiency of the blower.