The basic cause of wear of axial flow fan

- Apr 08, 2020-

1. Abrasion of fan by dust

A large number of micro dust in fan work will cause damage to fan bearings, blades and motors due to long-term accumulation. Due to the small particle size and many kinds of dust, many dust can not be effectively removed, which is easy to form damage in vulnerable parts of fan. At the same time, in order to control the cost, improve the ventilation effect and reduce the application of fan dust remover, some fan application units will cause strong damage to the fan caused by dust and increase the risk of fan wear and failure.

2. Unreasonable operation condition of fan

Different position and function setting need different fans and different state adjustment to adapt, but the gap between design and practice, the difference between function and need form the problem of fan selection, which is easy to form the problem of fan overload and fan wear.

3. Fan running too fast

Too fast running speed is another important reason for fan wear. According to the data analysis of fan wear, the degree of wear is related to the running speed of the fan. Under high temperature conditions, the running speed of the fan is doubled and the wear of the fan is tripled.