Solution to high temperature rise of bearing in centrifugal fan

- Feb 28, 2020-

1. The bearing box of centrifugal fan vibrates violently.

2. When the outer ring of the rolling bearing rotates and the bearing box rubs, there are jams in the bearing package and too tight pressure lead, which causes the operating temperature of the centrifugal fan to be too high.

① The solution to the sticking of the bearing housing is: after the new shaft is contracted and installed, the side of the bearing housing shall be surveyed, the bearing shall be placed in the installation position of the bearing housing and a certain pressure shall be applied, the side clearance between the bearing housing and the bearing housing shall be measured with a feeler gauge, and the side of the bearing housing shall be opened with a scraper according to the data. After the opening, the contact surface between the bottom and the bearing housing shall not be less than 1 / 3 of the perimeter.

② The solution to the over tightening of bearing pressure lead is to adjust the bearing top clearance and reserve the amount of thermal expansion.

3. The cooling water is too little or interrupted, the water chamber is blocked, and the cooling water flow rate is small, resulting in the bearing heating.

Solution: in the casting process of centrifugal fan shaft contracting, the internal water cavity is small, which causes the cooling strength to reduce. Generally, this situation rarely occurs, but once it is this reason, it is scrapped. If it is blocked, remove the shaft and wash the water chamber of the bearing housing with the pickling pump.

4. If the quality of lubricating oil is poor, deteriorated, or there are too many impurities in it or the filling amount is improper, the bearing box shall be added with specified grease and oil according to the requirements of regular work.

5. The shaft and rolling bearing are installed askew, the front and rear bearings are not concentric, and there are processing and installation errors. The maintenance procedure shall be standardized, the spot inspection personnel shall check the site, strictly implement the maintenance standard of centrifugal fan installation, and control the quality. At the same time, carefully check the size of new spare parts, and contact the manufacturer if necessary.

6. The rolling bearing of centrifugal fan is damaged or the shaft is bent.

7. The shaft contracting of centrifugal fan has its own inclination, and the bearing is inclined in the bearing package, which results in high temperature of fan bearing during operation. The solution is also to strictly implement the installation of fan maintenance standards, control quality.