Requirements of centrifugal fan for motor

- Feb 12, 2020-

1、 The standard for the design of the rated working performance of the motor shall not be less than 120% of the requirements of the centrifugal fan equipment. When the motor is in full load working state, and the frequency change is ± 5%, the voltage change is ± 10%, the motor can still maintain normal operation without damage.

2、 Under the rated working voltage, the motor current needs to be kept within the specified range during the starting process. If polyphase motor is used in fan equipment, its phase sequence shall be marked on the nameplate of its junction box and the direction of rotation shall be marked with arrow. Moreover, the design, manufacture and performance of the motor shall conform to the standards of China or IEC.

3、 In different working situations, the motors used in centrifugal fan equipment are different, such as AC, asynchronous, air-cooled motors, etc. However, the insulation level of the motor shall be f, the temperature rise shall be B, and the protection level shall be IP54. Supply voltage: 380V + / - 10%, 50Hz.