Reasons for overheating of household air conditioning compressors

- May 01, 2020-

Compressor overheating protection means to protect the compressor motor from being burnt out. When the temperature of the motor or the compressor itself exceeds a certain value, the working power of the compressor is disconnected by some built-in or external protection devices to achieve protection. The role of the compressor. At present, most of the compressors used in household air conditioners use low-pressure chamber compressors (differentiating high-pressure chamber compressors). This kind of compressor refers to that the low-temperature and low-pressure gaseous refrigerant is sucked from the system and directly enters into the shell cavity of the compressor. The sucked refrigerant first cools the motor and then compresses it. Therefore, the degree of superheat of the suction refrigerant vapor is an important reason for whether the compressor is overheated. The specific reasons are as follows:

1. The speed of the external fan is too low, mostly caused by the decrease in the capacity of the external fan starting capacitor; replace the capacitor.

2. The condenser of the external unit is too dirty, and usually appears in a single-temperature machine or a dual-temperature machine that is not commonly used for heating (because the air conditioner heats in winter, the condenser frosts and can automatically clean it when defrosting. ), Can be ruled out after cleaning;

3. The system is severely lacking refrigerant, resulting in the compressor coil can not be cooled, just add refrigerant;

4. The installation location and ambient temperature are too high;

5. Poor compressor performance (including compressor, oil shortage and other mechanical failures);

6. The system is blocked;

7. The power supply voltage is too low.