Precautions when wearing a mask

- Jun 02, 2020-

Wear masks should pay attention to the principle of special personnel, if you use it randomly, it may lead to cross infection and other consequences.

The principle of non-repetitive use, disposable masks need to be replaced every day, can not be reused.

Reusable cotton masks should be cleaned in time and placed in the sun for exposure and disinfection. Used cotton masks will absorb bacteria and dust, and will come into contact with different sources of pollution in your pocket. If you wear it again without washing, it is very likely to cause respiratory infections.

Children over the age of 3 can choose to wear gauze and cotton masks, because these masks have a better ability to filter dust, are also more comfortable and breathable, and are more suitable for children to wear. In addition, pay attention to take off the mask and breathe fresh air. Patients with respiratory diseases, especially asthma patients, the elderly, and children, wearing masks for a long time may cause breathlessness.