Parts that are easily worn by centrifugal fans

- Apr 11, 2019-

If the fan is used for a long time, the internal parts will be worn. Of course, the centrifugal fan is also the same. The following describes the parts that are easily worn by the offline fan to protect them.

Blade wear

1 forward blade. The wear parts of the 7-29 pulverized coal ventilator blades in the pulverized coal system are mostly at the blade inlet, outlet and near the back disk root.

2 radial straight plate type blades. In the direct-blowing pulverizing system, the straight blade of the former Soviet Union's 0.4-90° radial fan is generally sawtooth shape, and its wear parts are mostly at the exit of the blade, and the blade outlet is gradually reduced inward.

3 rearward wing blades. The severe part of the wear of the rearward airfoil blade is the exit section and the blade head on the side close to the rear disc. After the blade head is worn, the blade cavity is extremely easy to enter the coal ash, destroying the balance of the rotor and causing vibration.

4 rear straight blades. The wear portion of the rear straight blade suction fan is on the side of the middle plate at the blade outlet.

2. The wear of the volute

The more severe parts of the centrifugal fan volute are located near the volute tongue. Generally speaking, from the volute tongue, the wear of the 1/6 to 1/4 worm line is more serious.