Mining fan to increase pressure

- Apr 09, 2019-

Fans used in the mining industry are generally required to be relatively high, but even when a very sophisticated fan is manufactured, it will continue to be adjusted while in the field. Here we will introduce the method of pressurizing the mining fan.

The mining fan is a kind of axial flow fan, because it uses the particularity of the industry and the applicable place, and there is a big difference between the performance parameters and the external size and the general axial flow fan, so it is separated separately. Classified as one category. Mainly used in the use of mine ventilation. Mine fans are generally divided into two categories, explosion-proof and common; according to the structure of the product is divided into ordinary and counter-rotating. The mining fan is one of the important equipments such as coal mines and various metal mines, and plays a pivotal role in the construction and production of various types of mines. However, in actual use, it often happens that the fan operation does not achieve the desired effect. Mainly based on various mine shafts and roadways, the required air volume and wind pressure requirements are different, so there will often be fuzzy matching.

In order to avoid this, we often add pressure to the mining fan. Today we will share with you how to increase the pressure on the mining fan:

1. Change the design of the air cylinder to increase the pressure.

2. Change the shape of the blade to achieve boost.

3. Increase the speed to achieve boost.

4. Design and integrate the shape of the impeller to increase the pressure.

5. Adjust the blade angle accordingly to increase the pressure.