Maintenance method of centrifugal fan

- Feb 10, 2020-

1. In the process of start-up, shutdown or operation of centrifugal fan, if abnormal phenomenon is found, it shall be checked immediately. If small fault is found, it shall be found out in time and eliminated. If large fault is found, it shall be stopped for maintenance immediately.

2. Regularly remove the dust, dirt and other impurities inside the fan and prevent rusting.

3. In addition to the replacement of lubricant after each maintenance, the lubricant shall be replaced according to the actual situation of centrifugal fan under normal conditions.

4. In order to ensure personal safety, the maintenance of centrifugal fan needs to be carried out when parking.

5. If the fan starts after maintenance, it is necessary to pay attention to whether all parts of the fan are normal.

6. Only when the centrifugal fan is completely normal can it operate.