Introduction to the operation mode of axial flow fan

- Mar 30, 2020-

The operation of axial-flow fan depends on the drive of motor. In fact, any equipment is the same. To operate, there must be a similar "engine". When selecting the axial-flow fan motor, it is always hoped that the motor can drive the impeller to reach the additional speed quickly and work normally. The starting of motor includes the whole process of starting and accelerating. The starting methods are divided into full pressure starting and reduced pressure starting.

According to the requirements of power grid capacity, mechanical load on the starting torque and the characteristics of the motor itself, the reasonable selection of the starting method of the motor is analyzed in detail to get the regular starting time. Because of the large capacity of the power grid, the starting current of the motor will not form a large voltage drop on the power grid.

In addition, the control lines and equipment of the grid allow full voltage to be started in a short time. If the torque when the fan starts is not very large, and the grid capacity is not very large with respect to the motor, the first consideration is to reduce the starting current and use the reduced pressure to start.

In the operation of axial-flow fan, the current of motor should be monitored first. The current is not only the target of fan load, but also has some abnormal changes in the forecast. In addition, it is necessary to check whether the vibration of motor and fan is normal, whether there is conflict or abnormal sound. For fans running in parallel, pay attention to check whether the fans operate in surge State. In normal operation, if the fans are in the following environment, stop the operation.