Introduction of brushless DC electric motor

- Oct 28, 2019-

The battery stores electrical energy, which is transmitted from the battery through the converter to the motor in a direct current manner. The DC motor is distinguished by a brushed DC motor and a brushless DC electric motor. The brushed DC motor is replaced by a brushless DC electric motor because of inconvenient maintenance. The brushless DC electric motor has become the most common type used in entry-level electric vehicles.

In terms of technical characteristics, the brushless DC electric motor can be classified into a brushless DC electric motor having a DC motor characteristic and a brushless DC electric motor having an AC motor characteristic. The range we are discussing is limited to brushless DC electric motor with more mainstream DC motor characteristics.

According to the technical requirements of electric vehicles for electric motors, DC motors can meet the basic needs of electric vehicles. In addition, brushless DC electric motor do not require users to consider their maintenance problems during use. Based on such characteristics, brushless DC electric motor Become the first choice for entry-level electric vehicles.

The reason why it is the first choice for entry-level motors is because the motor itself has some drawbacks, and these drawbacks will hinder its development in the electric vehicle industry.

The speed range of the DC motor is not wide, and the maximum speed is only about 6000 rpm. Such a speed attribute is difficult to meet the working conditions of the electric vehicle. Therefore, some manufacturers match the secondary speed reducer or have a certain gear ratio range. The CVT gearbox compensates for the shortcomings of the DC motor in terms of speed. Obviously, such a technical structure has an adverse effect on the design of the entire vehicle in terms of spatial arrangement and weight control. Of course, it is also possible to match only one single-stage reducer for the electric motor, but the dynamic performance of the vehicle and the maximum speed will be affected.