Illustration of detailed steps for the manufacturing method of homemade dust masks

- May 07, 2020-

During the current fight against the epidemic, people have realized the importance of wearing masks. However, there is a shortage of masks on the market, so everyone has set off a wave of homemade masks, and various teaching articles and videos have emerged in an endless stream. However, experts suggest that if the materials are selected incorrectly, homemade masks may not only fail to achieve the protection purpose, but even bring danger to themselves. .

Tools / raw materials

A pair of scissors

Two pieces of medium-sized cloth


Method / Step

1.Prepare materials. (The horizontal length is different, but the vertical length is the same)


2.Prepare materials. (The horizontal length is different, but the vertical length is the same)


3. Align the other side (photograph, right end) and sew directly with a seam allowance of 1 cm.


4. Move the left and right seam allowances to the outer fabric side.


5. It looks like this.


6. As is, fold it from the top to the center to expose the internal "front" surface. For example, when shortening long sleeves with clothes, it feels like rolling up the cuffs.


7. Fold it down from the bottom to the center as well.


8. When almost neat, fold the top and bottom edges with iron.


9. It is possible to fold but not to fold the whole. Flip it to the front.


10. Iron to make the left and right outer fabrics have the same length (about 1.5 cm), and the upper and lower edges are neat.


11. Sewing rubber thread.


12.As shown (yellow thread), sew a circle at the end of 2-3 mm.


13. The finished product is sewn through the mask rubber (addition to the mask rubber thread).