How to protect yourself from new coronavirus infection

- May 03, 2020-

  1. Coronavirus is mainly spread by droplets. Wear a mask correctly. Do not cover it directly with your hands when sneezing or coughing. Wash your hands correctly and in time.

  2. Improve immunity, try to avoid crowded and closed places as little as possible.

  3. Do not eat wild animals and sick animals and their products; purchase chilled poultry meat from regular channels, and fully cooked poultry and egg milk.

  4. Ventilate indoors and maintain cleanliness and hygiene; enhancing hygiene awareness, strengthening exercise, regular work and rest, and improving self-immunity are the most important means to avoid infection.

  5. As much as possible, avoid close contact with people who have symptoms of respiratory diseases (such as fever, cough, or sneeze), pay close attention to symptoms such as fever and cough, and you must seek medical treatment in a timely manner if such symptoms occur. The new coronavirus is heat sensitive and can be disinfected with 75% alcohol, chlorine disinfectant, hydrogen peroxide disinfectant, chloroform and other lipid solvents.