How to prevent coronavirus infection in the work area?

- Apr 29, 2020-

1. How to do it on the way to work

Wear disposable medical masks correctly. Try not to use public transportation, it is recommended to walk, ride or take a private car, shuttle to work. If you must take public transportation, be sure to wear a mask at all times. Try to avoid touching the items on the car with your hands as much as possible.


2. How to enter the building

Before entering the office building, consciously accept the temperature measurement. If the body temperature is normal, you can enter the building to work and wash your hands in the bathroom. If the body temperature exceeds 37.2 ℃, please do not enter the building to work, and go home to observe the rest, and go to the hospital if necessary.


3. How to do in-room office

Keep the office area clean. It is recommended to ventilate 3 times a day for 20-30 minutes each time. Keep warm during ventilation. Keep a distance of more than 1 meter between people, and wear masks when working in office. Keep washing hands frequently and drinking plenty of water, and insist on washing your hands in strict accordance with the six-step method before eating and after going to the toilet. Receiving foreigners wear masks.

4. How to participate in the meeting

It is recommended to wear a mask and wash your hands before entering the meeting room. Meetings are separated by more than 1 meter. Reduce centralized meetings and control the meeting time. When the meeting time is too long, open the window once for ventilation. After the meeting, the venue and furniture must be disinfected. It is recommended to soak and disinfect tea supplies.


5. How to make meals in the cafeteria

Use divided meals to avoid crowding. The restaurant is disinfected once a day, and the tables and chairs are disinfected after use. Tableware must be autoclaved. Keep the operating room clean and dry. It is strictly forbidden to mix raw food and cooked food products to avoid raw meat. It is recommended to have nutritious meals, light and palatable.


6. How to do it on the way from work

After washing your hands, wear a disposable medical mask to go out. When you go home and take off the mask, wash your hands and disinfect first. Mobile phones and keys should be wiped with disinfectant wipes or 75% alcohol. Keep the room ventilated and hygienic clean to avoid gatherings of many people.


7. How to do official procurement

You must wear a mask to travel and avoid crowds. Keep a distance of more than 1 meter in contact with people to avoid staying in public places for a long time.


8. How to do workshop exercise

Recommend appropriate and moderate activities to ensure good health. Avoid excessive and excessive exercise, resulting in a decline in body immunity.

9. How to do in public areas

Every day, public halls, corridors, conference rooms, elevators, stairs, toilets and other public parts must be disinfected. The cleaning utensils used in each area should be separated to avoid mixing.


10. How to do business travel

It is recommended to wipe the interior of the car and the door handle with 75% alcohol once a day. You must wear a mask when taking the bus. It is recommended that the bus be wiped and disinfected with 75% alcohol in the car and the door handle after use.


11. How do logistics staff do

Service personnel, security personnel, and cleaning personnel must wear masks while working, and keep a safe distance from people. Canteen purchasers or suppliers must wear masks and disposable rubber gloves to avoid direct contact with fresh meat and poultry materials. Wash hands and disinfect after removing gloves. Cleaning personnel must wear disposable rubber gloves when working, and wash and disinfect their hands after the work. Security personnel must wear masks to work, and seriously ask and register the status of foreign personnel, and report any abnormal situations in time.

12. How to do business visits

A mask must be worn. Before entering the office building, first take a temperature test, and introduce the history of contact with Hubei and the symptoms of fever, cough, and poor breathing. There is no such situation, and the body temperature is 37.2 ° normal conditions, before entering the building for business.


13. How to circulate documents

Wash hands before and after transferring paper documents, and wear a mask when circulating documents.


14. How to do phone disinfection

It is recommended that the landline phone be wiped twice a day with 75% alcohol, which can be increased to four times if used frequently.


15. How to do air conditioning disinfection

(1) When the fan coil of the central air-conditioning system is in normal use, regularly sterilize the air supply and return air outlets.

(2) When the central air-conditioning fresh air system is in normal use, if there is an epidemic situation, do not stop the operation of the fan. After the personnel are evacuated, the exhaust branch pipe should be closed. After a period of operation, the fresh air exhaust system should be turned off and disinfected.

(3) For the all-air system with return air, the return air should be completely closed to ensure the operation of the new wind of the system.


16. How to deal with waste masks

During epidemic prevention, do hand hygiene before and after removing the mask, put the waste mask into the trash can, and disinfect the trash can with 75% alcohol or chlorine disinfectant twice a day.