How to prevent coronavirus in ordinary families

- Apr 29, 2020-

To prevent new coronaviruses, we can use some 84 disinfectant in ordinary families. After dilution with 84 disinfectant, we can scrub and wipe the surface of some objects and some floors. Secondly, we can also use 75% alcohol, 75% alcohol to kill the virus, for example, we can wipe the surface of some furniture, we can disinfect the surface of some utensils, some cleaning is possible . Coronavirus is very sensitive to this temperature. Under certain temperature conditions, it will be quickly inactivated. Then we can use some kitchen utensils and washable clothes for high temperature disinfection. We can use high temperature to kill this Viruses, so these are some of the methods we can use at home.

Everyone should also pay attention to a few issues. First, we must go to fewer places with more people. This place will easily lead to the breeding of some viruses and some corresponding cross-infections, because we know that this virus is spread through droplets. It may float in the air for a long time, so there are definitely more sources of infection in a place with more people, or there is a greater chance of being polluted by the air, so try not to party!

You must wear a mask. After we go out, we must put on the mask to protect ourselves as well as others.

Finally, we still emphasize one must wash hands frequently, whether we go out or before wearing a mask, and after wearing a mask, we must wash our hands, and after returning home, we must thoroughly disinfect some items that are in contact with the outside. Ensure a more thorough and comprehensive protection.