How to maintain DC brushless motor

- Oct 30, 2019-

The brushless DC motor not only has the advantages of simple operation, reliable operation and convenient maintenance of the AC motor, but also has the advantages of high operating efficiency and good speed regulation performance of the DC motor, and is easy to achieve large capacity and high because it is not restricted by mechanical commutation. The speed has a broad application prospect in the fields of aerospace, military, numerical control, metallurgy and medical equipment. In the early 1990s, civil electrical technology began to develop rapidly, and its electric bicycles were rapidly developed and applied. Therefore, brushless DC motors have been widely used in electric bicycles.

In order to make the function of the DC brushless motor better, we must pay attention to daily maintenance and maintenance, but how can we maintain it to extend its service life and improve our work efficiency?

DC brushless motor maintenance method:

1. Before brushing the DC brushless motor, use compressed air to blow off the surface dust of the motor and wipe the surface dirt clean;

2. Select the working location where the motor is disassembled and clean up the site environment;

3. Familiar with the structural characteristics and maintenance technical requirements of DC brushless geared motors;

4. Prepare the tools (including special tools) and equipment needed for disassembly;

5. In order to further understand the defects in the operation of the DC brushless motor, it is possible to do an inspection test before disassembly in case of conditions;

6. Cut off the power supply, remove the external wiring of the motor, and make a record.

The brushless motor core is made of imported equipment from Japan. It uses silicon steel material, has good magnetic permeability and small iron loss. The produced motor core is not only durable, but also has high speed precision control. In the production process, the stator chip is all high speed. The punching machine is punched out with high precision. The mold is made of tungsten steel inserts, tungsten steel punches, and the production is made of precision guide columns inside and outside. It has the characteristics of high production efficiency, stable mold production, etc., ensuring that there will be no problems such as loose film. Product size The outer circle is between 20-120; after final production, it is pressurized and tested on the automatic press.