How to judge the normal operation of centrifugal fan

- Feb 26, 2020-

1. Whether the impeller of centrifugal fan vibrates or shakes in a large range during operation.

2. Check if there is any abnormality in the swing range of ammeter pointer when the impeller is running.

3. Check whether the transmission triangle belt of centrifugal fan has obvious runout.

4. Whether the hand feeling of bearing seat is mild, not numb or hot.

5. Whether there is abnormal sound when the impeller of centrifugal fan is running.

The failure of centrifugal fan is usually caused by improper manufacturing, model selection and management in use. Some problems can not be seen through the naked eye. We need to check manually. When checking, we should pay attention to power off first to ensure the operation safety. It can effectively reduce the probability of equipment error and ensure the normal operation.