How to judge ,compressor, fault by sound!

- Jul 09, 2019-

I. air conditioner compressor:

The sound of normal compressor is: relatively small "hum" sound, sound continuous and uniform;


If the "buzz" sound is not heard, it indicates that the compressor is damaged or the compressor circuit fails, and the compressor is not started at all.

Strong "buzz" sound, indicating that the compressor has been powered up, but not started, mostly caused by the compressor cylinder stuck or holding the shaft;

There is a sound of "metal impact", which may be the sound of the hanging spring falling off and hitting the metal shell inside the compressor. At this time, the power supply should be cut off immediately.

There is a sound of "dangdang", similar to a foreign body hitting the compressor, it may be the internal moving parts loose;

There is a "tap" sound, indicating low voltage or faulty protector;

The sound of "all" indicates that a large amount of refrigerant liquid or refrigerating oil enters the compression cylinder, which will lead to the occurrence of liquid shock;

2、Refrigerator compressor:


1. Normal compressor sound:

1.1. Crackling

A pitter-patter can be heard just after the compressor starts running, and certainly not long after the refrigerator is closed. If you find that the crackle is coming from the back of the refrigerator, it's usually coming from the condenser copper tube or the radiator of the decanter, because the heat expands and the cold contracts. If you find that the noise is coming from the upper part of the refrigerator, it is usually the evaporator that is suspended in the upper part of the refrigerator. Due to the change of temperature from one cold to another, the thin ice that has been frozen together in the hoisting area is pulled to make a snap.

1.2. Thunk, thunk

The compressor in operation will produce this kind of noise when it stops, sometimes once, sometimes twice, but also loud. This noise is from inside the compressor, the reason is that there are three springs hanging from the compressor cylinder and stator for shock, when the compressor stops working, there will be a kind of resistance, because of the action of the spring cylinder to both sides of the swing, resulting in the sound of metal impact.

2. Abnormal compressor sound:

2.1. Crash sound:
The compressor gives out a kind of metal to knock the sound inside running time, this kind of sound is the high pressure inside the compressor muffling the sound to break to be caused by, often have in refrigerator use. The sound requires cutting through the casing, replacing high-pressure mufflers or welding breaks.
2.2. Roar
Compressor in the running time issued a rumbling sound, this sound is a spring hanging steam inside the machine has a broken or dislocation, causing cylinder collision and found in the housing, this is an abnormal sound. In the event of such a sound, the case needs to be cut open to check the cause of the dislocated or broken spring.