How to isolate coronavirus pneumonia at home

- May 08, 2020-

The New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic has now spread around the world. As a highly contagious disease, if you do not pay attention to self-isolation and protection, it is easy to be infected, resulting in the occurrence of the epidemic. Home isolation is currently the most effective, but instead of simply living at home, strict isolation measures are required, such as single room isolation, a meal-sharing system, and maintaining ventilation in the living environment.

Pneumonia caused by a new coronavirus infection has entered everyone's field of vision in this cold winter. From ignorance of the disease to familiarity with its pathogenesis and treatment methods, almost everyone has gone through a time process. We often hear that patients with new coronary pneumonia need to be quarantined at home, but the conditions in the home are very limited. If you do not pay attention to protection, family members may be infected by the virus. So how do people with new coronary pneumonia isolate at home? Here we will elaborate.

Isolation at home has become the most important means of preventing new coronary pneumonia. How to isolate at home has become a concern for everyone. Isolators at home should pay attention to the following details to achieve accurate prevention:

1. It is best to isolate in a single room. Single room isolation can maintain a good distance with family members. Although they are in the same room, they can also have better isolation because the living environment is separated.

2. Meal sharing system. During home isolation, it is best for family members to adopt a meal-sharing system rather than eating together. When dining, fill up the food and go to your own room.

3. Maintain the ventilation and disinfection of the living environment. Ventilation can allow air to circulate and reduce the accumulation of viruses. Dilute with 84 disinfectant every day to scrub the desktop and furniture, and also use the disinfectant to soak and disinfect the clothes to keep the environment and your clothes clean.

4. Wash hands frequently. Wash your hands with running water, and mix with hand sanitizer, or use alcohol-free gel.

How to isolate new coronary pneumonia at home? The spread rate of the new crown virus is very amazing, everyone should pay attention to prevent the spread of the virus. Isolation at home is currently the only effective method of prevention, but isolation at home is not a simple term. Strict isolation measures are required. It is better for households to live in single rooms and adopt a meal-sharing system to maintain air circulation. Only by truly achieving the above points can the isolation of the home be truly effective.