How to determine if the high pressure blower motor is burnt out

- Nov 18, 2019-

First, the simplest and most intuitive way is the smell. If the motor burns out, there will be a pungent belt burning smell. Sometimes the smell is big, sometimes small, and sometimes even accompanied by black smoke and blue smoke. Once this is the case, it is basically determined that the motor of the vortex pump has burned out.

Second, the use of professional workers and measurement. Is to shake the table, shake table is what can refer to Baidu Encyclopedia, has given a very detailed explanation.

Use the shaker to test whether the motor is fully burned or one of the coils is burnt. The shake meter measurement is the most accurate. The method of use is:

The shaker has two wires, one connected to the surface of the vortex pump and the other wire connected to the terminal.

Then measure each terminal one by one, then turn the handle at the fastest speed to observe the movement and value of the pointer.

If the value is large, it means nothing. If the value is small, it is burned out, and the motor can be re-wound.

Because the maintenance of the motor is troublesome and needs to be completely disassembled, it is necessary to pay attention to it during use.