How to clean the air conditioner outdoor motor

- Dec 20, 2019-

We should first understand what parts the air conditioner has, such as the shell, condenser, filter, heat sink, etc. Then we need to know which parts we need to clean, and then prepare tools such as wet towels, cleaning agents, brushes, and pay special attention when cleaning some items, because some parts cannot use brushes, so everyone should pay more attention to Do not damage the parts of the air conditioner during cleaning. For those who cannot be cleaned with a brush, we can use a rag instead.

The first step is to wipe the shell of the air conditioner. The shell is usually dust and rain, so it can be wiped easily. Some corners and corners should be wiped in place, so don't leak them, otherwise it will be difficult to clean up when thick dust has accumulated. The second step is to open the casing and take out the filter inside the machine to clean it. We can rinse it from the back, and then use a brush to gently remove the dirty things that have not been washed out. After cleaning, remember to dry it completely before returning it to the original position. It can be allowed to air dry naturally and should not be directly exposed to the sun. In the third step, we start cleaning the condenser. Generally, a cleaning agent is used to clean the condenser. First, spray the cleaning agent evenly on the condenser, then let it stand for 10-15 minutes, and then turn on the air conditioner to adjust the air volume to the maximum limit. , And then the garbage in the condenser will be gradually discharged.

The last step is to clean the heat sink. When cleaning the heat sink, first remove the windshield, then remove the temperature sensor, and then remove the air blading. Before cleaning, first put a waterproof cover on the air conditioner, and then clean the cleaning agent. Spray on the fins and wipe them off with a towel. Many people may not pay much attention to the external unit of the air conditioner, but it is also an indispensable part of the air conditioner, so cleaning up the external unit of the air conditioner will also make your life more comfortable.