How to choose the right fan coil motor

- Jan 24, 2020-

It is a common practice in the design of air-conditioning systems to select fan coils according to the maximum cooling load of air-conditioned rooms. The purpose is to ensure the room temperature during peak loads. In fact, most of the time when the air-conditioned room is running, it will not be at the peak load, so that the cooling capacity will be excessive, and the operation will be switched to the middle and low gears to reduce the cooling output, thereby maintaining the room's thermal balance. When selecting a fan coil unit, in addition to the cooling capacity to meet the calculation of the cold load requirements, it also needs to meet the matching of its sensible and latent heat to meet the requirements of the room heat-humidity ratio; the air volume must meet the supply air temperature difference, the number of air changes, and the air flow organization And other requirements.

The central air conditioner selects a good fan coil as the end device. The quality of the room determines the effect of the air conditioner. At the same time, the problem of cleaning also directly affects the use of central air conditioning. There are many dust particles in the atmosphere. Under long-term pumping and returning wind, the aluminum fins of the fan are full of dust and dirt. At this time, on the one hand, the heat exchange between chilled water and hot air is affected and the air temperature is affected; On the one hand, it also affects the sending of cool air that has cooled down after heat exchange, resulting in the phenomenon that the air conditioner is turned on and the room is still not cold. Because the central air-conditioning main unit sends 7 degrees of water into the fan coil after cooling, and exchanges in the fan coil to become 15--16 degrees of cold wind, which reduces the room temperature. Therefore, after the central air conditioner is used for a period of time, the aluminum fins of the fan must be cleaned to solve the above disadvantages.

It should be cleaned once a year after use to ensure the next use is in good condition. When not in use, it is best to have a cardboard box to protect it from external wind and dust pollution.