How is the fan silenced

- Apr 07, 2019-

The fan will have noise during operation, and if it is loud, it will cause noise pollution. So it is very important to reduce the noise. Below I will look at the practice of eliminating the noise of the fan when the manufacturer produces the fan.

According to the spectral characteristics data obtained by actual testing of various types of wind turbine operating noise sources for industrial use, it is determined in which spectral range the amount of noise reduction is required as the main basis for designing sound absorbers and fluid passages, and a large suction is adopted. 

A narrow rectangular channel of acoustic material finish to enhance absorption. For this series of ventilation duct silencer and drum fan silencer are impedance sound flow type, which adopts the resistance structure of sound absorption and noise reduction for high and medium frequency noise and the anti-sounding effect of medium and low frequency noise. In the structure, at the same time, high-frequency and low-frequency sound-absorbing and muffling zones are adopted in the resistive channel, which is used to greatly widen the muffling frequency band to achieve good noise reduction and noise reduction effects.