How do i tell how do i wear a mask

- Jun 06, 2020-

The first point is to check whether there are instructions on the mask package. If not, please follow the following items to wear.

1. Check the color of the mask

 Usually, the outermost layer is the colored layer. Make sure that the color side is facing outward when wearing. This is also a good way to see the life of the mask at the same time, whether it needs to be replaced. Note: There are colors facing outward!

2. Use your hands to feel both sides

If your medical mask is colorless (or the same color on both sides), just like this. We are about to abandon the method of color discrimination.

Instead, try to touch the touch on both sides with your hands. The inner layer (the layer that fits the face) is usually softer and more delicate. The outer layer will be rougher.

Many people will use the position of the ear strap to distinguish the direction of wearing. This may sound reasonable at first glance, but this method is neither correct nor scientific. Don't do it! This is not a standard. Smart Air inspected medical masks from five different manufacturers and found that the ear strap of one mask was connected to the outside of the mask, and the remaining four were on the inside.