High temperature centrifugal fan temperature

- Apr 03, 2019-

The high-temperature centrifugal fan is specially used in high-temperature working places, and is widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, forging, electric power, nuclear power plants, environmental protection and other fields. So what is its high temperature? Next, we will introduce you in detail:

We all know, how high is the temperature of the high temperature centrifugal fan? What is the high setting?

High-temperature centrifugal fans are generally used in applications where the temperature is below ≤80 °C, and are more common in high-temperature centrifugal fans with machine numbers (impeller diameters) ≤8#. When the temperature exceeds 80 ° C, when the temperature is below 200 ° C, the motor shaft length is increased due to the design of the heat insulation layer, and the motor needs to be customized. The transmission has the advantages of compact structure, small size, light weight, low cost, convenient installation and transportation, etc., and is relatively common in kitchens such as exhausting smoke and exhaust, air conditioning systems, and exhausting and exhausting of factories. However, due to the limitation of the speed, it is impossible to adjust the speed, and the place where the working condition changes greatly is not suitable for application.

W5-47 series high temperature centrifugal fan is suitable for conveying high temperature gas without corrosive, unnatural, high temperature not exceeding 700 degrees Celsius. If the gas contains a large amount of dust, it should be equipped with dust removal efficiency of not less than 85% before the air inlet of the fan. Dust removal device to improve the service life of the fan. Where the intake conditions are equivalent, the performance can be selected.