Disassembly method of centrifugal fan

- Feb 07, 2020-

1. Before dismantling, in addition to preparing dismantling tools and materials, for fans conveying gas or other harmful gases, the gate of water inlet and outlet pipes shall be closed tightly, and the blind plate shall be blocked if necessary. If both the inlet and outlet are downward, the water can be poured into the lower pipe for water sealing. The water level to be filled shall be such that harmful gases in the pipe do not leak into the workplace.

2. When disassembling the pressure of lubricating oil centrifugal fan, first release and filter the lubricating oil before cooling, and then disconnect the flange connecting the oil pipe and valve body.

3. Keep the upper housing or rotor in a horizontal position when lifting to avoid damage to machine components. The longitudinal joint of the centrifugal fan housing shall not be removed. If the cast iron housing that sends the hot gas is cooled, the upper housing must be lifted after cooling inside the housing.

4. Before removing the sliding bearing, measure the clearance between bushing and thrust surface. The seal clearance should be measured before removing the seal.

5. During disassembly, check whether the removed parts have any marks. For some parts that need to be printed without printing, you need to print to make it easier to assemble and repair the location. The components to be printed include components that are not allowed to be misplaced or oriented, as well as components that affect balance, such as key, cover, bushing and its supporting ring, coupling and its pin, air inlet of centrifugal fan, axial flow through removable centrifugal fan blade.

6. After disassembly, the disassembled parts shall be cleaned to remove the dirt.https://www.ck-stone.com/